Bezděz Castle

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Opening hours today

In accordance with emergency measure issued by the Ministry of Health Bezděz castle has been closed and all guided tours and events have been cancelled until further notice. For more info see our web site.


What to visit?

The renaissance core was built in 1600. Now is the brewery technical remark of beer industry.

The oldest house built for old people and kids without parents with Marie Františka Heissenštejn´s foundation help is now the exposition. Exposition of K. H. Mácha,...

Visit the castle and hand cut out HELL. The legend say - the castle was build on the rock in which was way to hell. Above this way should be the castle chapel.

Walk to/from Doksy. Way through beautiful forest and interesting nature to/from Doksy. Mácha´s lake offers the boat trips and charming view to castle Bezděz.